In 1972, Kazuhiko Kan was born in Morioka city, Iwate prefecture, Japan.
Morioka--the historic town has been producing various talents including 2 prime ministers of Japan. He grew up there surrounded by a classic and modern atmosphere of the town.

He started simple drawings when he failed in the high school entrance exam at his age 15. During the time of being at a prep school for 1 year, he changed his life forever.
He realized that he wouldnft be able to follow the trail of his late father, an orthopedic surgeon, Nobuo Kan (died in 1983) and at the same time, he also perceived that his life so far had been false.

He wanted to change everything--Thatfs the moment Kazuhiko Kan became true Kazuhiko Kan.

He began drifting inside and outside Japan as soon as he graduated from his high school. He has lived in several countries including Australia, New Zealand and in England.

Kazuhiko Kan is almost a self-taught artist. When he went over to UK in the year 2000 as a student at a small art college called Blake College (London), he had already acquired how to draw lines, how to paint with brushes. Concerning painting and drawing skills, there was nothing he could gain there.

Now, Kazuhiko Kan lives in Yokohama and continuously participate in art shows including international ones such as Salon dfautomne (Paris), Parallax Art Fair (London), and also the group exhibitions which are held in Tokyo and in Paris annually.

"As time goes by, things change, people change, and yet time just goes. Of course.
I sometimes feel like being away from anywhere, anyone to sense the beauty in isolation and it's OK that there's no personal philosophy or personal esthetics in there.
I do draw, I do paint. I think that's it